McKenna Hansen

About me

As an aspiring designer and recent alumnus of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, I am looking to start my career within the design field. I graduated in May 2023 with both a BLAS in Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability, and a BS in Sustainable Design. I have a deep love for the Earth, and I am intrigued by many fields of design. I especially hold an affinity for accessibility within architecture. Beyond design, I have a passion for sustainable agriculture and practice art as a hobby.

My ideal work would involve different calls for projects that can challenge my knowledge and creativity in new ways.

Design Objective

In my career I hope to conceive meaningful productions that have a positive sustainable impact on my communities and the planet. I believe that sustainable design and thinking towards the future health of Earth is of the utmost importance, and that I must be part of the solution.

To increase social sustainability we must adapt our built environments. To be agriculturally sustainable we must be moving towards regenerative methods. To be physically sustainable we must design products that are effective, durable, and have minimal impact. Its time to go beyond creating sustainable designs – we must create sustainable designs that can be easily normalized and integrated into our everyday lives.